Norm Magnusson at the CMA gallery at Mount Saint Mary College

OPENING RECEPTION: OCT. 4. 2019. 6-8pm


Communication is a bitch. 
I know. 
I've tried and tried and studied and thought and considered and crafted and been extremely careful with my words and yet still I find that it's rare to be heard exactly how I intend to be heard, understood precisely how I wanted to be understood. There are barriers. Barriers in my mind, blocking my clean expression of thoughts; and, even more, there are barriers in the hearts and ears of the listeners. And, of course, in my own ears when I am the listener. But there are also barriers in between: different kinds of ambient noise, for example, that can drown out the attempt to hear and be heard, as illustrated in the short video above, which highlights the warm murmur of unintelligible connections.
Jack-hammers, garbage trucks, chirping birds, other speakers, thunderstorms, my feelings about the speaker: do I like them? Do I love them? Do I hate them? Respect them? Re…